Hi there,

I’m Esther, born in New York City, grew up in Pennsylvania, and spent my teenage and adult years in California (San Diego and the Bay Area). I now live in Paris with my (very French) husband. I’m learning French (petit a petit) and discovering the ups and downs of being an expat (it’s harder, less glamorous, and lonelier than expected). I’m continuing Postcards from Gigi as a way to share the lovely parts of Paris that I discover, recount recipes from my French-Korean kitchen (heavy on the Lyonnais side for the French recipes), and have an outlet to get me through the tough part of every new adventure — the beginning.

While I’m generally an extrovert, having to start over from scratch — no friends to meet up with, no physical coworkers to make fun of, and only the tiniest of abilities to speak French with the locals — this move has brought out my introverted side. And the result? An earnest commitment to the Konmari method after reading her book cover to cover multiple times, discovering new hobbies (most of which require no true social interaction — my best friend calls these “loner hobbies”), and cooking A LOT (Korean recipes, French recipes, dishes that have an unreasonable number of steps, to my beloved Instant Pot).

Enjoy this site, and if you’re in Paris, let me know! 🙂





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